Personal Loan

Personal loan is the fastest form of finance. This loan can be used for multiple purposes, purchase of an asset, education etc.
In this video Creditmonitor will tell you more on Personal loan

Consumer Durable loan

Wanting to buy some new household appliances, but don’t have enough finance?
Don’t worry Creditmonitor will guide you with your financing options.
This video gives a walkthrough of Consumer durable loans.

What is a UPI?

UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface (UPI).
Transfer funds across accounts using your mobile device.
Payments can be carried out through the UPI APP.

What is a Moratorium?

A period without an EMI to be paid.
Is a moratorium period worth it?

What is a Credit Card?

“Buy now and Pay later”
What is a Credit Limit?

 Maintain Financial Stability and Live A Royal Life

Why Credit Monitor?

Credit Monitor is India’s leading credit advisory service. We can help you maintain a good credit score, resolve your queries about existing loans, help you settle disputed overdue payments.

Financial Discipline leads to a Stress Free life

Managing your debt helps you live a happy life.
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Simple pleasures with good financial management

Improve your credit health significantly.
Simply check your credit score on Credit Score

Debt free life

Life is a roller coaster, you can either fear it or just face it with a smile.
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Lead by example

A child learns what he sees, set a good example of credit health for you and your child’s future.

Financial Planning

Plan better for the present and future.
Defeat financial stress and struggle by maintaining good credit health.
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Debt Management

Let managing your debt be an interesting journey.
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Maintain Good Credit Health for better tomorrow

Maintaining a good credit health is as important as maintaining a stress-free life.
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Credit Card Default impact on Credit Score

Credit score and and Credit cards are intertwined. Variations in the score are due to the usage of your credit card.

Features of Tractor Loan

Thinking of buying a tractor, but don’t have the finance for it? Learn about tractor loan; eligibility and repayment options.

Checklist for auto loan

Do you wish to buy a car but don’t have enough funds? This checklist will help you understand

Consequences of not paying Auto Loan

Have you taken an auto loan recently? Have you been paying your EMI’s duly?
This video will explain the consequences of not paying your auto loan and its impact on your credit score. This video explains all the consequences of not repaying your auto loan.

Default on an agricultural loan

Agriculture loan
Do you know what will happen if you don’t repay your agricultural loan?
This video will explain the consequences or the problems you will face if you default on your

Types of Auto loan

Are you looking to buy a car? This video will help you find the best type of loan according to your financial situation

Types of Auto loan – Hindi

Are you looking to buy a car? This video will help you find the best type of loan according to your financial situation