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CreditMonitor is India’s leading credit advisory services, acknowledged by consumers as their go to platform, that also provides financial products customized to the user's credit profile.


Your Legal Rights

Know Your Legal Rights

Are you troubled by debt collectors using unscrupulous means to recover? Learn more about your rights from the RBI guidelines for recovery.

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Have you been charged for something incorrectly? Are you not paying your bill because it is incorrect? Are you aware of what is to be done when you have a dispute?

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Digital Banking

Online Payment

With the current situation of lockdown for Corona Virus, make use of digital options to pay your loans. Pay your EMI, or outstanding bill amounts with just a few clicks and securely.

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How Can We Help ?

Understand your Credit Score

Most credit scores range between 300 and 900. Without a good credit score and history it's difficult to qualify for a mortgage or car loan, even if you qualify the interest rates are high. Having and maintaining a good credit score will help you secure a best possible loan.

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Track Your Credit Score, at right time to Grow Up Your Chances for Loan

Tracking credit score regularly doesn't impact your credit score, infact it keeps you always alert to maintain a healthy credit score, below are some points to consider to maintain a good credit score.

Pay Bills on Time

Your loan provider periodically submit the report of your payment behaviour to credit bureaus, paying bill on time is the most important point in maintaing a good credit score.

Use Credit Card Wisely

Using credit card wisely helps you prevent over expenditure, thus protecting you from being in situation where EMIs get skipped and hampering your credit score.

Check your Credit Score periodically

As mentioned above, It helps you to get alert whenever your credit score goes down, so that you can recover it as soon as possible and maintain healthy track of credit score.

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Your loan is your responsibility, and we at Credit Monitor work along with you, enabling you to fulfil your responsibility as a customer. Through our digital payment options, you can clear your dues no matter which bank you owe. On a single page you make multiple payments, all at the click of a button.

No matter what the situation is, be it COVID-19 currently, the RBI moratorium, or new update that changes your payments or EMI’s you will hear it from us. We simplify and break it up for you with all the possibilities and what it exactly means for you as a customer. When you have a query, you now know where to come again.
We, as a team, are always available for the support you need, no matter what language you speak and where you live in India, we are there to support you. While we started catering to our customers in English, we now offer support in all the languages spoken in India. The only place where your query in any regional language gets answered in your chosen language.
Our posts and our FREE credit score check option, enables you to understand better your score and what goes into building your score or what gets it down. With this new found knowledge and information, you can improve your score, that will help you get loan approvals faster, or just maintain your credit health to use it when the need arises.

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