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Tracking credit score regularly doesn't impact your credit score, infact it keeps you always alert to maintain a healthy credit score, below are some points to consider to maintain a good credit score.

Pay your bills on time

Your payment behaviour is regularly reported to credit bureaus. Any late payment/ bounced payments/ pending dues hurts your credit rating.

Use your credit card wisely

Avoid spending on irrelevant things and pay dues on time really helps in maintaining a good credit score.

Track your credit score regularly

If your credit score goes down, you can recover it as soon as possible. Don’t worry, checking your credit score does not impact it negatively.


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Understand your Credit Score

Most customers have a credit score that ranges between 300 to 900. With a low credit score, it is difficult to get a mortgage or loan sanctioned. Even if the loan gets sanctioned, it is often at a higher rate of interest.
The higher your credit score and the better your payment history, the higher the chances of your loan getting sanctioned.

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Your loan is your responsibility, and we at Credit Monitor work along with you, enabling you to fulfil your responsibility as a customer. Through our digital payment options, you can clear your dues no matter which bank you owe. On a single page you make multiple payments, all at the click of a button.

No matter what the situation, be it COVID19, new policy changes, RBI moratorium, we simplify complex issues for you. Our experts will present all possibilities and the impact on you as a customer. All your doubts get cleared here.
We at Credit Monitor are on your side. Our team of experts work along with you to clear your pending dues, improve your score and help you avail of a loan so that you can fulfil your dreams.
Using our digital payment options, you can clear your dues, no matter which bank you owe. Make multiple payments, all at the click of a button.
Not just English, we can connect with you in all Indian languages, just to put you at ease.

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